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Post  Hooded on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:47 pm

Tips & Help For Navigating the Forum

Joining: Please use your user name from the game. If your name is "Hawt"' then your forum name should be "Hawt". This is so we know who is who.

Posting: Please post under appropriately titled forums. Do not put jokes in serious discussion blah blah. If you Find that your post is missing it was most likely moved to the appropriate forum.Please post frequently and make the forums fun and exciting!

User Groups: All groups are the same as in game. If you are not in a group on the game, your are not allowed access to the forums here that are. However, you may gain special access to them with permission from a VH or above. Apply to groups you think you should be in and we can approve them. Make our job easier and please do not make me have to add it.

Click Forum To Browse: Simple click Forum to reach the Forum. This page is a updating home page.

Ranks: Based of the amount of post you make, you can gain ranks. Just something to add a little fun to the forum. This rank will be shown under your name.

Avatars: It's boring to see you a blank. Put something up as an avatar if you can. Need help finding a cool one? Message me.

Chat: We now have a chat option. Scroll to the bottom of the forum and log in. This will open a new window allowing you to chat. Just know that there is no private chat option. Whatever you post can be seen. I am working on adding a private chat function on the forums but this particular chat does not allow for it.

Questions: This will be updated as much as possible. However, at any time you may message me with questions.

Your Helpers: Most people should be assigned to a group with someone to help you out. Take a look in Alliance Information For Your Group!

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